About us

PIRS Engineering Company is specialized in designing, reconstruction, supervision and consulting.

PIRS Engineering was founded in 2001. with a 100% private ownership. The firm owns premises in 115th Dimitrije Tucovic St. and is well equipped with all necessary equipment and licensed software (Tower, Armcad, Autocad, Office, GEO 5). PIRS team of construction professionals currently includes seven associates, three licensed civil engineers, two licensed architects, and two civil engineers.

Most of the business is focused on the realization of investment projects through the project, documentation and expert supervision. We create a unique project management service, which makes coordination of activities approved investment program, monitoring of implementation and cost of registering the start of design to the building.

The major component of our work is subjected to continual development and designing of construction systems as well as placement of construction technologies (prefabrication for buildings, industrial objects, halls, bridges etc.).

Our activities are with particular regard to:

  • Urban, architectural and construction design (settlements, residential, administrative, and industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels, sports facilities, etc.).
  • Drafting of technical and investment documentation.
  • Supervision at the construction site.
  • Research in civil engineering and practical implementation of results.
  • Consulting investors, designers and operatives.
  • Research, development and placement of construction technologies.
  • Running of projects
  • Staff training, instructions, technical aid.
  • Buildings’ construction.
  • Reconstruction.
  • Recovery of buildings by modern material and technologies.

Our competitive advantage lies in development of architectural and construction projects with maximum rationalizations and adaptation of contractor's technology (application of modern materials, use of modern formwork systems, complete or partial prefabrication). We also emphasize the continuous improvement and monitoring of literature and regulations with special reference to the adoption of national annexes and amendments to EUROCODE regulations.

So far, we have designed more than 400.000,00 m2 of various buildings, and conducted supervision of more than 300.000,00 m2 residential – business and business buildings. Our representative business partners are EPS, Edil Italiana, Nestle, Jedinstvo, Milsped, Delta inženjering, Vojno–građevinski centar, Petrohemija, Idea, PERI, FIMAS.

PIRS Inženjering has a license P052G1 issued by MGSI for structural design of thermal power plants with a capacity of 10 MW and more by decision 351-02-04026/2020-09 from 18.03.2021.

Business Partners